I’ve known the Riddles for a couple years now, and I took their family photos back in 2012.  I was blessed to take their photos again in December. And both contain some of my favorite images.   They are such a beautiful family, and amazing people. Not to mention, they have two of the world’s most adorable kids.  This is one of my favorite sessions from last year. Enjoy 🙂

big-bear-family-portraits, big-bear-california, sarah-sotro, sarah-sotro-big-bear

RIDDLE BLOG-1 collage2 big-bear-boy, big-bear-california-portraits, plaid-family-pictures RIDDLE BLOG-3 big-bear-family-pictures, family-pictures, family-pics, plaid-pics, big-bear-pictures bow-tie-boy, children-pictures, winter-family-pics, christmas-family-pictures brother-sister-family-portraits, sibling-pictures, christmas-pictures RIDDLE BLOG-15 collage9 RIDDLE BLOG-18 collage8 RIDDLE BLOG-22 sweet-family-pictures, christmas-picture-ideas, family-picture-ideas collage3 RIDDLE BLOG-27 RIDDLE BLOG-28 RIDDLE BLOG-29 mountain-family-pics, mountain-christmas-portraits, outdoor-family-pictures RIDDLE BLOG-31 RIDDLE BLOG-32 beautiful-big-bear-portraits, california-family-christmas collage4 RIDDLE BLOG-36 RIDDLE BLOG-37 RIDDLE BLOG-39 RIDDLE BLOG-40 plaid-engagement-pics, plaid-love-christmas, plaid-portraits RIDDLE BLOG-41 couple, love, plaid-love, plaid-christmas-engagement, plaid-christmas-card RIDDLE BLOG-44 RIDDLE BLOG-45 RIDDLE BLOG-46 collage5 RIDDLE BLOG-49 RIDDLE BLOG-52 RIDDLE BLOG-53 father-daughter-big-bear, father-daughter-pics, family-portraits-ideas, sarah-sotro, family-father-daughter, christmas-beard-plaid RIDDLE BLOG-55

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