When I started this journey, I just liked taking pictures.  I always have.  Even when I was a kid. In college, I would borrow a camera from anyone willing, and photograph friends for free.  When I got my camera I started taking “professional” pictures, still shooting for free, and if I occasionally made a little extra money, great.  As I’ve grown and learned, spending time with other photographers, it’s became very apparent that this is my passion.   That every time I’m holding my camera, I don’t feel like I’m working.  Everything I look at, I see through my camera- I’m always thinking about how I would photograph something or someone.

So, I decided to make this business my priority.  With that decision, came tons more: design, branding, philosophy, people, focus, marketing, advertising, pricing, packaging, vision, future, direction.  I’ve spent most of 2013 brainstorming, planning and nailing down what I not only want to offer in 2014, but what I want my business to be defined by in the years to come.  It requires hard work, and I love it.  The results are very exciting…

And I’m really, really excited to share all of it with you! (I know it’s hard to tell over cyberspace, but I’m bubbling over with excitement and anticipation).  Over the next couple weeks, I will be revealing the three anchors just in time for the New Year.

The first, tomorrow. 🙂







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