We live in a digital age.  And up until this point, I have always given my clients digital files.  I provide an online gallery, which is great, because they can share it with friends and family, and anyone can download their favorite images.  Technology has made sharing photos easy, kept families in touch across states, countries and continents.  If a guest couldn’t make it to the wedding, there are photos and videos  so they can experience it.


But what happens when that online gallery is only available for 30 days, or the company goes out of business?  You move into your dream home and the DVD gets cracked in all the shuffle.  Maybe  your laptop crashes and that folder of images is gone too.  In 40 years, are your grandkids going to sift through your browser history, and stumble across your old gallery? Probably not.  Hell, with the rate of technology, in 40 years whatever digital format you received your images in won’t even exist.


My senior year of college I commuted, and occasionally would stay with my Grandma.  One of those times I decided to stay the next day and help her clean out cupboards and closets.  Lining the top shelf in the hall closet were photo albums. At least 6, with 3 inch bindings.  All the cleaning halted, and I proceeded to flip through every single page and study every photo in every album.  Every time I visit my grandmas, I pull out the same albums, and pour over the same photos.  My mom has an album with photos from her parent’s (my Meme and Pepe) wedding, over 75 years ago.  Every few months I pull out boxes in my garage with pictures of my parents dating, family reunions before I was born, and my brother and I’s childhood.  Nothing can replace a printed photograph.  We’ve tried, everyone says print is on its way out.  Yet, it continues to prove itself timeless.


So, this is my commitment to paper. To making sure every package I offer includes at the very least prints (and some even a photo album).  Because I can tell you until I’m blue in the face that you should invest in prints (But, if you’re being honest, you probably won’t get them on your own) or I can invest for you, and provide you with the quality you deserve.  I can make sure you, your family, your kids, their kids, and a little girl 5 generations from now, has tangible evidence of where she came from.  I can make sure she sees and holds in her hand a photograph of two people who loved each other immeasurably. A photograph that tells part of your story, and part of hers.


Here are some old photos of my family, their story, and my story.


Remi and Georgie 1939 (Pepe and Meme)

PAPER-16 PAPER-17 PAPER-4 PAPER-5 PAPER-2 PAPER-6 Untitled-1My French-Canadian roots.


Remi and Georgie at their 50th wedding anniversary.

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